Dox is now our go to consultan

We have run our own mail server (Microsoft Exchange) here at Fairport Electric for years and badly needed it replaced. In addition to this, over the years we have acquired a variety of servers for the many applications we run here ranging from telco to billing for our electric customers. After talking with different vendors in the area looking for solutions we opted to go with Dox. They had come up with an economically feasible plan to update our Exchange infrastructure and move it to a virtual environment that also allowed us to incorporate the other servers on our network by virtualizing them over time. I had been dreading this migration and kept putting it off but the project went better than I could have ever imagined. We had zero downtime during the entire migration and it was all done during normal business hours. Dox staff worked closely with us accommodating our every need while their experience and expertise made the migration as smooth as possible. Dox is now our go to consultant…thanks Dox!

Luke Wenschhof
GIS/IT Coordinator
Fairport Municipal Commission , Fairport, NY