Dox Electronics has become a trusted partner

Dox Electronics has become a trusted partner

Three years ago, AAA Western and Central New York suffered a primary data center outage in our Amherst New York office due to a power interruption. As a result of this outage, our VMware environment, SAN and dozens of additional servers crashed leaving us with only basic network and telephony services.

Although we had a functional understanding of VMware and our HP SAN, we were unprepared to recover the environment and to correct the data corruption.

We placed a call to Ken Michael at 3:00am and he promptly dispatched Jay Molis from the Rochester office to Buffalo. With Jay's help and leadership, not only did we recover the environment, but Jay also documented vulnerabilities in our current infrastructure.

This was our first engagement with Dox and we were left impressed with their responsiveness, thoroughness, thoughtfulness and technical expertise. It quickly became apparent Dox Electronics is a customer centric company with deep technical expertise in VMware and many other technologies.

As a result of Dox's performance, we have entered in a multi-year support relationship and we continue to benefit from Dox's expertise. In short, Dox Electronics has become a trusted partner and we look forward to a long term relationship.

Director of Technology
AAA Western and Central New York, Williamsville, NY