Marvin Windows & Doors

Meeting Technology Needs, While Improving Performance

At a Glance: Marvin Windows & Doors of New York

Organization Background:

  • Exclusive distributor of Marvin Windows & Doors products in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania
  • 32 employees
  • 1 location in Cortland, N.Y.


  • To enhance service while providing a secure environment
  • A solution to simplify the company’s infrastructure and to gain data storage flexibility
  • To get dependable, ongoing IT support


  • VMware vSphere® virtual server
  • Veeam® software
  • Day-to-day support


  • Improved business continuity
  • Increased performance
  • Optimized operational efficiency and disaster recovery

Marvin Windows & Doors of New York, located in Cortland, N.Y., has been the exclusive distributor of Marvin Window and Door products in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania for 30 years. The distributor’s team of window and door professionals is committed to providing sales and service support with the same dedication as the people who build them.

For information technology support that lives up to Marvin’s standards for high quality sales and service, Marvin Windows & Doors of New York has partnered with Dox Electronics. Marvin Windows & Doors believes that Dox can provide the best solutions for network security and technology support to meet the company’s specific needs.

A recent example was when Marvin was experiencing latency issues across its network, due to low disc space and packet loss.

The Solutions
We introduced the company to VMware solutions and helped virtualize all servers on one unit. For system backup, our engineers replaced the existing software with the Veeam® Backup & Replication™ solution, which provides a powerful, easy to use, and affordable data protection for virtualized applications and data.

Our engineers also helped set up an entry system and time-clock software.

“We are a growing organization, and technology plays a vital role in our growth. It is a relief to know that we can rely on Dox to meet our business needs and to make our systems effective and efficient.”

- Kelley Miller, Marvin Windows & Doors of New York

Thanks to our expertise and assistance, the company now has a more powerful and affordable network, a more reliable backup system, and it is benefitting from improved system performance and increased operational efficiencies, says Marvin Windows & Doors system administrator and accounting coordinator Kelley Miller.

“Dox is responsive, very professional, and skillful at adapting to our changing technology needs,” Miller said. “When I call, Dox is there.”

Kelley Miller added that Dox is in the process of updating the company’s servers. Since we can perform the work remotely over the internet, Marvin Windows & Doors of New York has been able to save on transportation costs. “Not only are we saving money, but we’ve also had little or no interference whatsoever with our network – no one has even noticed that Dox is doing an update,” she said.