Holy Childhood

Helping a Non-Profit Deal with an IT System Disaster

At a Glance: Holy Childhood

Organization Background:

  • A non-profit agency that enriches the lives of people with developmental disabilities
  • Approximately 125 employees
  • 1 location


  • Complete system crash
  • Loss of all data and access to files


  • Immediate crisis intervention
  • HP system servers


  • 100% data restoration
  • Better protection from future disasters
  • Faster system

Holy Childhood, a non-profit agency based in the Rochester N.Y. suburb of Henrietta, strives to enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Through a host of programs, from a school, to a bakery, woodworking and training, the agency prepares children and adults with developmental disabilities for maximum independence and integration into the community.

On Easter Sunday in 2012, Holy Childhood found itself in an IT crisis. System servers and three hard drives crashed, resulting in a total loss of data. The agency's system was down for a full week, with no access to applications or files and no e-mail capability. Because the non-profit relies heavily on the Cloud for regulatory compliance, the staff was unable to do much at all until the system was accessible.

“Our business operations had ground to a halt. Dox got us out of a crisis.”

- Donna Dedee, Holy Childhood

Holy Childhood President and CEO Donna Dedee, who had prior experience with Dox, reached out to us once again for guidance on how to deal with this crisis.

"We thought everything was going smoothly, and then all of the sudden we were facing a perfect storm with our IT system," Dedee said. "We were in dire straits and needed serious intervention, but based on past experience with Dox, I knew the company could help us."

The Solutions
We spent approximately three days working to get the agency back up and running. Company engineers were able to make the system server operational. In the interim, the server was rigged so that employees could access the internet.

Following resolution of the immediate crisis, we helped Holy Childhood re-evaluate its entire network. We presented three possible solutions -- in a range of budget options -- designed to improve the agency's system and better prepare it for another disaster. The recommendation included the purchase of three new HP servers, including two virtual servers.

"Ken Michael and his team gave us various options, mindful of our budget concerns as a non-profit," Dedee added. "Rather than trying to upsell us on things we don't need, the Dox team worked to find the solutions that were right for us."

In the short term, we guided Holy Childhood through a crisis that no non-profit agency or business ever wants to experience. 100% of the agency's data was restored. In the longer term, we helped the agency prepare in case of data disaster down the road.

“Dox’s staff was great to work with -- totally professional.”

- Marvin Johncox, Holy Childhood

According to Marvin Johncox, the agency's IT Manager, we were easy to deal with and the company's solutions have enabled better protection from disaster and a faster system overall. "Dox’s staff was great to work with -- totally professional," he said. "We are very happy with Dox’s service, and the company's response time is very quick."

"I'm not a technical person, but Dox never makes me feel inadequate because I don't always understand the technology," Donna Dedee added. "Dox explains things in simple terms, and I've always felt a level of trust that Dox’s solution is the most cost-effective."