G-S Supplies, Inc

Meeting all the IT Needs of a Small Business

At a Glance: G-S Supplies, Inc

Organization Background:

  • Manufacturer and distributor of products for multiple industries
  • 5 employees
  • 1 location


  • Receive external IT support
  • Minimize network security risks


  • Ongoing IT support
  • SonicWALL™ Firewall


  • IT needs are met
  • Network protection

G-S Supplies, Inc, originally known as Germanow-Simon Machine Company, was founded in 1916 in Rochester, NY. Today, the company's custom-manufactured products are distributed worldwide across a broad range of industries, from watch and jewelry repair and design, to hobby and craft, hardware, production and assembly, optical, aeronautics, and camera repair.

Corporate and administrative offices, as well as research and development, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing operations remain headquartered in Rochester. While the small business' staff members have many areas of focus, including manufacturing and distribution of watch crystals, gauge windows, precision tools, adhesives, and magnifiers, the company does not have an internal information technology manager.

“We don't have frequent IT problems because Dox has done its job.”

- Kathye Simon, G-S Supplies, Inc

Because G-S Supplies offers products for sale at its e-commerce site, ToolsGS.com, the company takes its network security very seriously.

The Solutions
The company's history with Dox dates back several years. G-S Supplies was previously part of a parent company that employed our services. When G-S Supplies spun off as an independent company in 2007, the small business remained engaged with Dox.

Today, we essentially serve as G-S Supplies' IT manager, handling all of the company's IT needs -- including adding new servers and personal computers as necessary, and routinely upgrading equipment and software.

We also installed and maintain the SonicWALL™ Firewall, a secure firewall designed specifically for small businesses.

G-S Supplies is assured that its IT needs are being met, as it consults with us on a regular basis.

“We have an excellent relationship with Dox. If the Dox staff members I typically work with aren't in the office, I trust anyone else to answer my question.”

- Kathye Simon, G-S Supplies, Inc

"We rely on Dox engineers to be our IT managers -- they are the 'go-to' people for our IT needs," said Kathye Simon, CEO, G-S Supplies. "Dox is very proactive for us, recommending equipment and software changes before there's ever a problem."