Deborah Fox, DDS

Bracing an Orthodontist’s Practice for IT Disaster

At a Glance: Deborah Fox, DDS
Organization Background: Location in Rochester, NY
Issue: As a paperless environment, the practice needed a backup system to secure their information in order to avoid an IT disaster.
Solution: Veeam Backup & Replication Software
Benefits: Guaranteed safety and security of all information at the practice.

Deborah Fox, DDS, is an orthodontist who strives to make children and their families feel comfortable and at ease with the process of orthodontics. Patient workstations all employ computers, so hygienists and the doctor can pull up X-rays and charts at each chair. Because Dr. Fox’s practice has no physical patient charts -- all information and notes are kept on the computers -- it needed a backup system to avoid an IT disaster.

“We needed a plan in place to protect our patient files and information, and Dox set up a backup system that works extremely well. We highly recommend Dox.”

- Katie Clark, Deborah Fox, DDS

The Solution
The practice turned to Dox for a backup system, having relied on our engineers for IT support for more than 10 years. We recommended a dual-drive redundant backup system from Veeam. Every night, critical information such as patient charts and files are backed up to two drives. One of the drives was taken offsite for added protection.

Dox’s solution has provided extra peace of mind for Dr. Fox’s practice. According to Katie Clark, the practice’s Accounting Supervisor, “We highly recommend Dox. Their engineers are very knowledgeable and always prompt. If they don’t know something, they get an answer for us.”