Curtis Lumber

Creating a Strong Partnership with a Building Materials Dealer

At a Glance: Curtis Lumber Company, Inc.

Organization Background:

  • Home improvement supplier to consumers and building professionals
  • 21 locations in New York and northern Vermont
  • 560 employees


  • Rebuild intranet
  • Outsource its data center solution


  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • IBM servers


  • Ability to store files within SharePoint, without being linked to other files
  • Company has an IT partner who understands its work environment

As a family-operated business serving local communities throughout New York and northern Vermont, Curtis Lumber prides itself on being an independent home improvement supplier to consumers and building professionals.

Three years ago, the company decided to outsource its data center solution. It soon learned that picking the right vendor partner was a major component to the project's success. Last year, the company realized that its intranet site was failing and proceeded to look for a solution and a vendor to assist with the rebuild.

The company turned to Dox to assist with both projects and to augment its internal resources.

The Solution
Our engineers served as the primary interface between Curtis Lumber and IBM to an outsourced data center solution. Given its understanding of Curtis Lumber's network environment, we were invaluable in making the new environment stable and able to grow with the company.

“We simply can't ask for a better partner than Dox. The staff is loyal and always willing to listen.”

-Sandy Zelka, Curtis Lumber

For the intranet rebuild, we assisted with the technical and web interface building using Microsoft SharePoint 2010. This site is an integral part of the organization's daily function, and the new platform uses publishing features to host content.

According to Sandy Zelka, Curtis Lumber's CFO and Interim IT Director, we played a significant role in the success of both projects.

"Dox has a tremendous knowledge of our network environment," Zelka said. "Clearly, if not for Dox, the data center build would not have gone so smoothly."

“We count ourselves very lucky to have had Dox as a partner.”

-Sandy Zelka, Curtis Lumber

Although in its infancy stage, the intranet site proves to be an improved solution to document management and information dissemination. The architecture of the site will allow for more robust reporting and collaboration as the company continues to grow.

"We have gone through many IT challenges over the last few years," Zelka added. "We count ourselves very lucky to have had Dox as a partner."