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A Partner Your MSP Can Count On


Dox wants to work with you as a managed services provider (MSP). As a third-party service provider, Dox is here to ensure your network and those of your clients are as secure as they can be with consistent network scanning.

With our new Dox Box, we are able to regularly scan the networks your MSP manages. We then provide a bi-weekly, automated report explaining where your high, medium, and low-level vulnerabilities lie so you can quickly and efficiently address them to further secure every network you manage.

Consistent Vulnerability Scanning

The Dox Box is our new, automated network scanning and reporting tool. The Dox Box network appliance is custom-built by Dox as a set-it-and-forget-it device with just a power cable and Ethernet connection to the target network. Dox remotely controls and maintains the device so you never have to worry about network scanning. The Dox Box can handle up to a total of 250 active IPs and up to five subnets.

Providing output in a biweekly report, the Dox Box lists all vulnerabilities detected on the target network, rating each vulnerability by the severity of the threat. The reports are hosted on a secure server that is controlled by Dox and buys your MSP the time it needs to address threats before they lead to data loss or a breach.

Managed service providers can resell the Dox Box service to their clients to offer managed vulnerability scanning that satisfies the compliance requirements of many government regulations across a multitude of industries. You can also provide our managed vulnerability scanning (MVS) as part of your greater Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services.

Network Scanning Means Better Security

Show your clients that you take security seriously with regular scanning and reporting software as a service (SaaS) by Dox. With Dox as your partner, you can assure your clients that their networks are secure. As your independent, third-party partner, we can also validate that your MSP devices are secure for your clients.

The security experts at Dox understand how imperative security is. Opening a bad email or attachment can lead to viruses, malware, and ransomware attacking your network, negatively impacting the productivity of your MSP as well as the businesses you support. Let Dox regularly scan your network and the networks your MSP manages to alert you to security threats fast. Should the worst happen, Dox also has the on-demand security services from data retrieval to disaster recovery to support your MSP in any attack.

At Dox, we provide MSPs with the complete vulnerability scanning and security services they require for every network they manage. Show your clients that you have security on lock. Partner with the best to be the best. Call Dox today at (585) 473-7766 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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