Round-the-Clock Security Services for
Every Business

Based in Rochester, N.Y., Dox now provides businesses with constant security information and event management (SIEM) and security operations center (SOC) services. Our experts log all traffic on your network devices through a centralized system while a live person monitors for critical security events. This allows for an immediate response 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to every potential security threat.

24/7 Monitoring for Critical Security Incidents

Protecting against today’s cyber threats can’t wait until your business conducts its next vulnerability assessment or security audit. With a holistic approach to security by Dox, we provide around-the-clock monitoring to acquire the timely, actionable information needed for a rapid response to threats and security breaches.

Full Integration with Support Team and Ticketing System

The most power protection against cyber security threats comes from exhaustive management and monitoring of your critical systems. Our security operations center (SOC) services are fully integrated into the help desk to give you a single, comprehensive support team for management, monitoring, and incident response.

Get a Monthly Summary Report in Clear Language

Business leadership requires regular, concise reports with ease of reading for fast approval. Oftentimes, such IT reports can be confusing and unhelpful for executives who need to make timely decisions. Dox provides monthly technical security reports in plain English that anyone can understand. Our reports show the security information we have processed and what events, if any, required remedial action. We give you the information you need to adjust your cyber security for modern threats and regulatory compliance.

Customized Dashboards Enable Instant Cyber Security Feedback

With customized dashboards built just for your business, you can see what is happening with your cyber security instantly. Our graphs and charts give you an easy-to-read snapshot of everything from cyber incidents your business has experienced to blocked outbound connections, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to your organization’s digital security.

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