Dox Box Vulnerability Scanner

Automated Network Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting

Businesses today are required to comply with a growing list of security regulations imposed by their industry and/or prime contractors. For example, if you supply products under a Department of Defense contract, your business must comply with the 110 security requirements listed in NIST Special Publication 800-171. One of these requirements (3.11.2) requires you to periodically scan your systems for vulnerabilities.

The Dox Box satisfies this requirement by scanning your systems for vulnerabilities every month.

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Regulatory Compliant Vulnerability Scanning

Consistent Vulnerability Scanning

The Dox Box is our automated network scanning and reporting tool. The Dox Box network appliance is custom-built by Dox as a set-it-and-forget-it device with just a power cable and Ethernet connection to the target network. Dox remotely controls and maintains the device so you never have to worry about network scanning. The Dox Box can handle up to a total of 250 active IPs and up to five subnets.

With the Dox Box, you get:

  • Better Security for Your Business- The Dox Box regularly scans your network(s) to alert you to security threats fast.
  • Reporting You Can Count On- Receive a monthly report listing vulnerabilities detected on your target network(s), both internal and external, rating each by the severity of the threat.
  • Secure Service to Identify Threats- Reports are hosted on a secure Dox server so you don't have to worry about the security of your scanning and reports.
  • Regulatory-Compliant Scanning- Satisfy the requirements of government regulations across industries.
  • Peace of Mind- Set it and forget it. The device does all the work so you can focus on yours.

Monthly Reports So You Can Stay On Top of Threats

Providing output in a monthly report, the Dox Box lists all vulnerabilities detected on the target network, rating each vulnerability by the severity of the threat. The reports are hosted on a secure server controlled by Dox to ensure the security of your scanning and reports. Address threats before they lead to data loss or a breach with regular network scanning by the Dox Box.

Network Scanning Means Better Security

The Dox Box should be part of an overall security plan that also includes active-threat protections such as antivirus and email filtering. Our Dox Box complements those other protections by periodically scanning for vulnerabilities in the settings and factory programming of systems on your network(s). Consider the Dox Box the cornerstone of your new business Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Should the worst happen, Dox also has the on-demand security services from data retrieval to disaster recovery to support your organization in any attack.

At Dox, we provide complete vulnerability scanning and security services for your network. Call Dox today at (585) 473-7766 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

Features & Benefits

  • Scans your network every month
  • Creates full vulnerability reports in wide range of formats and alerts you when new reports are ready
  • Satisfies Compliance Requirements with Regular Vulnerability Scans
  • Zero maintenance, easy to use
  • Built by Dox, Certified Auditors in the United States
  • Dox Box does not require credentials to your network
  • No data is stored on the Dox Box

Three Offerings:

Monthly Vulnerability Scanner

  • Scans your Internal network looking for vulnerabilities on network connected devices
  • Scans your External public-facing systems looking for exposed vulnerabilities
  • Monthly reporting of all vulnerabilities
  • Web-based console with multifactor authentication for easy review of reports
  • Reporting with change-based tracking

Monthly Vulnerability Scanner with Chief Security Officer

  • All of the above features, PLUS:
  • Monthly report with consolidated vulnerabilities prioritized for remediation order
  • One hour monthly meeting with Dox Chief Security Officer
    • Discuss main report of vulnerabilities
    • Discuss consolidated report and recommended remediations

Monthly Vulnerability Scanner with CSO and Remediation

  • All of the above features, PLUS:
  • 2 hours of remote remediation available on a monthly basis
    • Monday - Friday 6 AM - 8 PM
  • Additional remediation at discounted hourly rate
    • $200 $175 per hour

Pricing Tiers

Dox Box monthly pricing is based on how many IP addresses you ask it to scan.


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