IT Services & Support for Every Retail Need with Terrific ROI

Keeping Customers Happy Has Never Been Easier

Because of the rising popularity of online shopping, physical retail businesses are facing stiff competition. Evolving your business to meet customer demands is imperative. To do so, you need software and systems that enable superior customer service, aid in implementing procedures and training programs, and allow the utmost control of inventories and forecasting.

With online shopping comes the need for increased information security, something Dox specializes in. We provide retailers with intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to prevent troubling security breaches as well as security information and event management (SIEM) for active log monitoring. Dox provides everything from pen testing to firewalls, preventing viruses, malware, and ransomware from penetrating your network. We keep your company safe from the home network to the cloud, even blocking unwanted spam and unsolicited emails that could wreak havoc on your security. The best part is our experts do it all with the best return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Regulation Compliance for the World of Retail

Aside from ensuring your customer needs are met, your business must remain Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. Dox offers industry-specific experts who employ software applications, safeguarding your regulation compliance, promoting efficient payment management as well as the pricing of goods. We can even recommend the latest software for communicating with your staff and customers.

VDI, Data Storage, & Other Options for Retailers

The introduction of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a great option for larger retailers, especially those with multiple locations. Dox can streamline your VDI and business mobility while protecting your client’s privacy and personally identifiable information (PII). When it comes to data storage, Dox has a variety of options from tape drives and storage area networks (SANS) to cloud storage. With our management information systems (MIS), you can control everything centrally with simplicity.

Dox Offers Assistance to Your Retail Business With:

  • In-Store Shopping
  • Online Sales
  • POS Systems
  • Cost and Budgets
  • Data Storage
  • Backup Systems
  • Servers, Tape Drives, Redundancy, and Like Components
  • Back Office Environment and Equipment
  • Software Applications
  • Spam and Virus Solutions
  • PCI Compliance

With Dox by your side, you can hit two birds with one stone: Run your store efficiently and ensure satisfied customers return time and again.