Move forward with your mission while reducing IT costs

Technology should support your non-profit’s success -- especially now in a highly modernized world. Your database and network should allow you to reach more donors and serve more of those in need. Your staff and employees must make the most of limited resources while also achieving goals. All of these are made possible with the help of Dox.

Technology should help keep your organization moving forward. Obtain the tools for success with the help of Dox. Say goodbye to downtime, missed opportunities, and high expenditures that come from unreliable networks.

We can help:

  • Protect your electronic files and ensure that data is secure.
  • Increase your staff and volunteer productivity.
  • Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.
  • Make sure your computer network is the stable foundation your organization deserves.

We are your very own IT department proactively managing and maintaining everything -- minus the hefty price tag that comes with it.