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We mark our Dox TotalCare alerts in red to demonstrate that this is the highest level of notification we offer. These types of notifications let you know to take action immediately in order to best protect your network, valuable data, and client information. When we issue these notifications, there is something that requires immediate attention to prevent or address a problem. We tell you exactly what you need to know right now.


Dox advisories are marked as orange notifications because they are lower level than our alerts but still contain valuable information. These advisories will help you brace against impending threats and prepare to address potential security issues before they can get ugly. Dox helps to shield your organization from the dark side of the net with critical information in advance.
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Dox offers the best in modern cybersecurity from assessments and pen testing to proven products and reliable network management. We are here to be your partner in superior cybersecurity! In addition to providing news you can use, we offer the support and services you need to respond to threats at any level. Whether you need a one-time cybersecurity consultation by a third party or ongoing IT services and support, the experienced experts at Dox have your business or organization covered.

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